Dreaming My Dreams
Dreaming My Dreams

Dreaming my Dreams

"Some day I'll get over you,
I'll live to see it all through"


Label: CastleMusicUK

Track Listings:

1. Dreaming My Dreams
2. Fairy Tale Hero
3. This Time
4. I'm Not Lisa
5. Way You Want Me To Be
6. Wrong Road Ahead
7. Alli Wanna Do In Life
8. I'm Looking For Blue Eyes
9. Somebody Loves You
10. Vanilla O'lay
11. Lady Madelaine
12. Sweet Little Sixteen
13. Wait For Me Down By The River (Bonus Track)
14. I'll Be Your Baby Tonight (Bonus Track)
15. That Was The Day (Nashville) (Bonus Track)
16. Honky Tonk Angels (Bonus Track)


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