A Secret Life
A Secret Life
A Secret Life

"It is strange to sleep alone
in a place no one knows"

March 21, 1995

Label: PolygramRecords

Track Listings:

1. Prologue
2. Sleep
3. Love in the Afternoon
4. Flaming September
5. She
6. Bored by Dreams
7. Losing
8. Wedding
9. Stars Line Up
10. Epilogue

"a passionate, mature, dangerous album. Marianne knows that love can hurt like hell and, assisted by Angelo Badalamenti, proceeds to articulate it perfectly on such gems as "Flaming September" and "Bored By Dreams." The single "Love in the Afternoon" depicts an affair more vividly than any song I can think of. This is simply a masterpiece!"
- Popocalypse!

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